Falling in Love with Jesus

The other day I watched Kim Walker-Smith’s testimony on “Falling in Love With Jesus”. What she talked about is totally what God has been speaking to me…falling more in love with Jesus, focusing on His presence, and truly enjoying Jesus in whatever circumstance I am living.

“Jesus, it doesn’t matter that I’m washing dishes… I just want to experience more of your presence and love.”

“Jesus, I don’t care if my life is a little stressful right now. I know you have a plan, I just want to love you and experience more of your presence.”

Kim shared how she would be cleaning bathroom’s talking to Jesus telling Him, “if this is what you have for me for rest of my life and I get to experience you like I am now, fine with me!” That is the relationship I want and I am seeking. I want to be so in love with Jesus that it doesn’t matter what I am doing. I want to be so in love with Jesus that I truly enjoy Him in all that I do just like David did.

I think I subconsciously had expectations of this year of missions in Argentina. I subconsciously expected a radical year of spiritual growth working supernaturally with the Father in healings, signs and wonders, miracles, etc. I was so caught up in what God might want for me to notice what He actually desired for me.

Don’t worry, I finally got the hint :). It was so simple and something I already desired; to fall more in love with Jesus.

How simple is that? To fall more in love with Jesus! To fall head over heels in love with Jesus. To let Him be my best friend. This is my heart’s desire. When I stopped focusing on the other and started focusing on loving Jesus, I was filled with a different peace, passion, and love.

I am filled with joy at the thought of how special I am to the Father. I am filled with peace knowing He is right here next to me and I am filled with an uncontrolable passion to know and love Him more. I realized that this past year was not only to serve God but learning to really fall more in love with Him. To love Jesus the way He desires to be loved. Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely not mastered how to love God. I honestly believe that loving Jesus is something we can and should always work to improve. All I’m saying is that I see my relationship with Jesus totally different. 1 Corinthians 13:13 says:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

I have read and heard sermons preached on this verse numerous times. To me this verse is so powerful but often overlooked. God desires to be loved. He desires that we are completely in love with Him. What does it mean to be in love with Jesus? For me it is to really FEEl a passion and desire for Him and not just allow the words “I love Jesus” to slip out of my mouths because I think it is the right answer.

I view God the Father as someone who desperately wants me to experience more of His love for me and in turn to uncontrollably love Him back. Of course the greatest is love! It’s the foundation of our relationship with Jesus. Love makes living in this world a whole lot easier as we do everything out our love for Jesus.

So I finally understand that this is my life purpose!!! I am to love Jesus and to constantly seek to be more in love with Him each day… it’s not only my purpose but it’s your purpose too! So here we are. Do you dare take the challenge? Because to be honest, I cannot wait!


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